Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bodum Tea Press

I decided it was time to get a Bodum press. My everyday work calls me into long meetings that have no breaks and there is no time between meetings to sit back and relax with a cuppa. It was time to put away the tea pot at work and get something simpler for my work style.

This travel press can be used for tea or coffee. I prefer to see the tea and the tea leaves expanding as they dance with the water. Using a Mason jar just isn't my style. The transparent Bodum shows the leaf and, you can slip a photo or an inspiring message between the two walls by unscrewing the bottom. The lid has a pouring spout but is not drip proof, so keep your canister upright.

To celebrate, I took a big tin of David's Mao Jian, an all purpose green tea with a bit of refinement without being exotic or bitter after a long steep at the bottom of the Bodum.  It had just the right amount of unami/vegetative taste and low astringency. I had the Mao Jian after a bitter salad greens and sharp dressing  and was content that I could still taste the tea through the garlic, oregano and feta cheese flavours. I don't recommend Mao Jian with Kohlrabi. Such a strange taste! I'll do a comparison with another Mao Jian later on. For now, I am superbly relaxed and am going to crash and have a nap before the next tea time! I love weekends!